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StoryChief Success Stories: How Bloovi saves up to 6 hours per article

👉 About Bloovi

In the first episode of StoryChief Success Stories, we present one of our first and long-term clients: a Belgian online publisher about all things digital, Bloovi. We sat down with Alexander Bouckaert and Lara Deraes, the magic content duo who serves engaging articles daily to their large audience hungry for marketing knowledge and digital trends.

bloovi team
Team Bloovi

The organization is mainly focused on two business segments. First of all, they share with their readers news about the latest online trends, software information, and inspiring stories. Secondly, they organize events for digital experts where they can network, learn and share their ideas. WebTomorrow is the leading event on digital impact in Belgium. Conversion Day, on the other hand, is an ideal opportunity to catch up on new information and expanding knowledge.

webtomorrow by bloovi
WebTomorrow event

As a successful leader in the field, Bloovi team must come up with interesting ideas about content marketing.

👩🏼‍💻"Generation D"

Bloovi audience is extremely passionate about everything digital. It's a generation that is connected to their smartphones, tablets or laptops. A generation that finds digitalization seamlessly integrated into everyday life and work. Bloovi calls this generation: Generation D.

Their reader is open-minded, enthusiastic, open to innovation and thrives to live in a world that is better tomorrow than it is today. Currently, their audience consists of 125,000 monthly visitors, 57,383 social followers, and over 25,000 newsletter subscribers. 💪

Alexander and Lara don't have an easy job entertaining this large and demanding audience with powerful content. Investing time and research to explore new trends, also keeping an eye on what's new in the field, keeps Bloovi sharp.

📣 Content is the king, but distribution is the queen

Content marketing is a key value in Bloovi. They publish 3 to 4 articles per day. Considering that's an enormous amount of content, you can't help not to ask how do they manage? First and foremost, they rely on trusted network of experts in digital marketing. Professional network of freelancers, copywriters, and online marketers contribute to the Bloovi community and help each other by sharing valuable insights.

However, all that content material from many writers, still needs to be corrected, fine-tuned and shared on all Bloovi channels. Considering the creation process includes collaboration, approval flows, and sharing content multi-channel, every article took ages to write and publish. Lara and Alexander had to look for a solution that would help them solving their issues with time and content management.

"Because of the large amount of content Bloovi delivers every day, we had to deal with a highly increased workload and manage our content flows..." explains Alexander, a Content Manager at Bloovi.
Alexander Bloovi
Alexander is a Content Manager at Bloovi

🙌 And then they met StoryChief...

What makes Bloovi such strong organization is their innovative and curious company culture. They are always on the lookout to find interesting newcomers on the digital and tech scene. About a year ago, Lara first came in contact with the StoryChief tool. They immediately understood the added value. StoryChief was all they needed to solve their problems with collaboration with external writers, approvals, and multichannel publishing. They soon realized how much time they saved and their collaboration flow became hassle-free. And so it was love at first sight. 😍

"The tool saves us 6 hours of time on collaboration and multichannel publishing. Different authors, guest writers or freelancers can get access to an article to add, write or adapt content. Small technological interventions can make a great deal of difference."
Lara deraes Bloovi
Lara is a Content Writer at Bloovi

✍️ And they write happily ever after.

Bloovi finally waved 'goodbye' to copy-pasting and sharing articles manually on every channel they own. Now with StoryChief they collaborate better, give and get feedback faster, approve as-they-go, all while keeping a centralized view in their content calendar. Considering StoryChief allows unlimited number of users, Bloovi's network of freelancer writers can easily get access to any article to write or adapt content.

"We were one of the first companies to actually use Story Chief. It's so impressive to see how fast the tool is growing. When I contact one of the team members to suggest some new features of changes to the existing ones, I don't even get the chance to finish my request or a solution pops up. Nothing is ever too much to ask and I can count on their support every day."

StoryChief as a product evolved so much since the first time Bloovi discovered us. Listening to the needs of our potential clients and solving the issues of our existing users is our daily mantra. It makes us happy to see YOU happy! 😇

We asked Alexander to share his final thought about StoryChief and what is the main reason behind this success story...

"The main strength of StoryChief? It's an all-in-one publishing tool with an intuitive design that makes it easy to manage our content flow. According to me, this ease of use is the greatest asset of StoryChief. Also, the fact that the StoryChief team understands the importance of an ongoing optimization strategy is important to us."

Would you like to share your success story, just like Bloovi team? Let us know. 📮

Or perhaps you still haven't had the chance to try out StoryChief. Start your free trial and discover all the possibilities how to improve your content marketing strategy. 🎯

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