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"There would be no Bloovi without content."

About Bloovi

Lara Deraes is content guru at Bloovi, the walhalla for everyone skilled or interested in voor digital marketing. If you haven't heard about Bloovi, let us enlighten you.

The organization is mainly focused on two business segments. First of all they inform their readers with the latest online trends, software information and inspiring stories. Secondly they organize events for digital experts aiming to keep up with current digital news. WebTomorrow is the place to be for digital marketers in search of inspiration. Conversion Day, on the other hand, is an ideal opportunity to ketch up on new information and expending knowledge.

WebTomorrow 2017

As a pioneer in the field Lara must have interesting ideas about content marketing and how Story Chief fits into her marketing plan.

A Dynamic Digital target audience: Generation D

Bloovi reaches a generation that's extremely passionate about everything digital. It's a generation that's constantly connected by their smartphones, tablets or laptops. A generation that finds digitalization a part in daily life, work or the future. Bloovi calls this generation: Generation D.

Lara doesn't have an easy job entertaining her audience with powerful content. No one understands that beter than us, at Story Chief. We couldn't help but wonder what she does to engage her audience.

Investing time and research to explore new trends, also keeping an eye on what's new in the field, keeps Lara sharp. She dares to look into new software and decides rather it's an useful asset or not. For example, the last couple of month the team of Bloovi is experimenting with AMP and Facebook Instant Articles. The results were quite satisfying.

Since we're using Facebook Instant Articles, we can tell that readers view the content for a much longer period. We find that very rewarding. When a reader actually reads the article in stead of just opening the page, the quality is found to be much higher. And that's what it's all about. Not per se how many clicks an article obtains, but how many people took an interest in what you wrote. Small technological interventions, such as the use of Instant Articles, can make a great deal of difference.

Lara considers content marketing a key value in her job. Bloovi publishes 3 to 4 articles per day. That's an enormous amount of content. How does she cope? Well, she relies on absolute experts in the field of digital marketing. Professionals find great proud in sharing their knowledge threw Bloovi. Freelancers, copywriters and online marketers tribute to the Bloovi community.

However, receiving all the material from a number of writers, Lara was still struggling to correct, fine tune and post the content in time. Articles had to be distributed threw a number of channels, the taks was simply exhausting. And to make matters more difficult, Lara had to publish 3 to 4 times a day over all the available channels.

Story Chief to the rescue

Part of what makes Bloovi so strong, is their innovative and exploring business culture. They find it upmost interesting to welcome newcomers in the digital industry and Story Chief was one of them. About a half year ago, Lara first came in contact with the tool. The team of Bloovi immediately saw the added value. And so it was...

We were one of the first companies to actually use Story Chief. It's so impressive to see how fast the tool is growing. When I contact one of the team members to suggest some new features of changes to the existing ones, I don't even get the chance to finish my request or a solution pops up. Nothing is ever to much to ask and I can count on their support every day.

A multichannel approach saves up a tone of time. Also different authors, guest writers or freelancers can get access to an article to add, write or adapt content. That's not a luxury in Lara's case, keeping in mind she publishes a lot of content.

What Lara is hoping for

Lara Deraes - Bloovi

Story Chief is evolving at a rapid pas. It continuously develops features to help customers with their digital presence. We asked Lara what could make the tool even greater for her.

Sometimes I miss the possibility to repost old articles or evergreen content. The opportunity arrives from time to time to share a story we've distributed in the past. That features is not yes included.

Good news, Lara. The campagne feature is currently in development. Just a little while longer and you'll be able to republish posted stories. Thanks for the tip!

Would you like to share your story, just like Lara? Let us know. Or perhaps you haven't had the chance to try out Story Chief. Get your free trial and share your thoughts.

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